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Don't hide from IR35 - We are here to help

From more than 25 years we have provided a full set of umbrella services that cover all of our client's needs from agency to freelancer.

Based in the heart of Nottingham we have over 25 years commercial experience.

Our umbrella services are designed to create synergy with your business.

Get in touch with us and see if we can help your business.

about us

Based in the city of Nottingham we are able to provide our services not only in the city but all around the UK.
Our Umbrella services are designed to help with IR35 which starts April 6th 2021



• We believe in doing the right thing by you or your business.
• We are honest and trustworthy; true to ourselves.
• If asked to do a task - we do it!


Excellence in execution

• On time delivered to a high standard.
• Complete the task within the deadline.
• Ensure all projects are led and owned.



• Never compromise on quality. There is always a better way
• Keep it simple
• Do business with quality people.

We have the Experience

We now partner with some of the largest employment agencies to provide umbrella services and are on their approved provider list.

Our services are tailored to your individual needs; therefore, we provide a personalised quotation to each candidate after initial assessment. Contractors can take home up to 72% of their income based on their personal circumstances, this can be potentially higher.

With our services we offer a simple PAYE salary solution. Your take home pay is made up entirely of PAYE salary. Contractors opting for this scheme take home approximately 72%. This option ensures you pay all the National Insurance and PAYE tax required on your earnings. You are also fully compliant with HMRC requirements.

We fully understand that you want to take home as much income as possible and we aim to help you achieve this. However, we must ensure that all relevant taxes are paid, and we take this responsibility seriously to protect your future and to avoid any tax issues.
If your circumstances change we will provide revised quotes to assist you in making your decisions. Our staff will provide support and guidance on any queries you may have and are available during the office hours.

Our Team

Payroll Administrator

Ruksanna Malik


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Please also send us one copy of your ID and either your last payslip or P45.

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